These Permalinks to past “Perihelion” stories have been included at the authors’ request. They are listed in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name, which correspond to the links in the main index.

arlin001—My Shaigetz by Marcy Arlin
barouch001—A Tangle of Brilliance by Charles Barouch
barton001—Cola by Byron Barton
bermudez001—Dancing in the Right of Way by Cyn C. Bermudez
biswas001—2038: A Mars Odyssey by Brian Biswas
biswas002 Expansion of Space by Brian Biswas
biswas003 Barnegat Inn by Brian Biswas
biswas004 A Journey Through the Wormhole by Brian Biswas
biswas005 Worms of Titan by Brian Biswas
biswas006 Puff by Brian Biswas
blasche001—To Dance With the Girls of Ios-5 by Ted Blasche
borthwick001—You Belong to Me by Tom Borthwick
bruno001—This Long Vigil by Rhett C. Bruno
chet001—Boccaccio in Outer Space by Chet Gottfried
chet002 Funny Money by Chet Gottfried
chet003 Present Trouble by Chet Gottfried
chet004 His Special Birthday by Chet Gottfried
chet005 Playing With Dinosaurs by Chet Gottfried
colonist_4 Unintentional Colonists by Elizabeth Giuzetti
cuba001—Five Stages of Future Grief by Gary Cuba
danoff01 Au Pair, or Else by Lee Budar-Danoff
darlington001—To Live if it Kills Me by Andrew Darlington
debris Cosmic Debris by Casey Brillon
delcarlo001—We Do Not Serve Weeping Men by Eric Del Carlo
delcarlo002 Heartsick by Eric Del Carlo
deming001—Those Magnificent Stars by Clare L. Deming
dunn001—Dreamboat by Robin Wyatt Dunn
falk001—Last Log of the Vancouver by David Falkinburg
fernandes001—Mycelium by fabio Fernandes
fowler001—Captain Quasar by Milo James Fowler
gallagher001—Mapping in the Darkness by Siobhan Gallagher
gallagher002 Great Find by Siobhan Gallagher
gee001 Dirty Work by C.E. Gee
gimpel001 Three Into Two Won't Go by Ann Gimpel
gimpel002 Psychology and Science Fiction by Ann Gimpel
green01 Curfew Tolls the Parting Day by Joseph Green and Shelby Vick
green02 Mortality, Eternity by Joseph Green
green03 Talus Slope by Joseph Green
guin001 Olympus Mons by Janes E. Guin
guin002 Marvin, the Bringer of War by James E. Guin
hearts001 Hearts on Demand by Anthony J. Melchiorri
heely001 Athenry by Nathaniel Heely
henryz01 In the Maze of His Infinities by Henry Szabranski
holly001 Hurry Up and Wait by Holly Schofield
holly002 Take a Good Look by Holly Schofield
holly003 Hard Passage by Holly Schofield
holly004 Fermi's Garage by Holly Schofield
holly005 Technicality by Holly Schofield
holly006 Ready or Not by Holly Schofield
holly007 I Love Lupi by Holly Schofield
jacobs001 Praise the System by J. Richard Jacobs
jacobs002 Mars: A New Look by J. Richard Jacobs
jacobs003 Get Up and Go Somewhen by J. Richard Jacobs
jacobs004 Sleep, Mr. Teasdale, Sleep by J. Richard Jacobs
joett001 Food, Glorious Food, by Joey To
jones001 First Alien Contact by Eric M. Jones
jones002 Archimedes' Gambol by Eric M. Jones
jones003 Regarding Fermi's Paradox by Eric M. Jones
kcball003 Running Tangent by Dale Ivan Smith and K.C. Ball
kcball01 Portraits Hung in Empty Halls by K.C. Ball
kcball02 White Russians and Old Lace by K.C. Ball
kean001 Let's Fry Chicken Little by Carol Kean
kenliu01 You'll Always Have the Burden With You by Ken Liu
ketchum001 Through a Poisoned Stream I Flow by Brandom Ketchum kirby001 Side Effects of Yeah-Yeah Pills by A.J. Kirby krasnoff001 Topfuntersetzer by Barbara Krasnoff lackey01 Dreams to Dust by Jamie Lackey lackeyo2 Abram's Choice by Jamie Lackey lale001 Network Outage Engineer by Erin Lale lale002 Brain Upgrade by Erin Lale lale003 Politics and Story Structure in Science fiction by Erin Lale lale004 Super Plunge Lady by Erin Lale machineguy01 Machine Guy by Gart Paese and Sam Bellotto Jr. martin001 Central Battle Command by Marilyn K. Martin martin002 Deciphering an ET Screen by Marilyn K. Martin martin003 Personal Artifacts Lost by Marilyn K. Martin masscon Mass Confusion by Casey Brillon menden001 Help Desk by Robert J. Mendenhall morris002 Grunt by Edward Morris morris003 I Once Was Lost by Edward Morris morris004 Stroke of Mercy by Edward Morris murdock001 Expedition of the Arcturus by JZ Murdock murphy001 Ten Minutes by Eamonn Murphy murphy002 When the Robots Struck by Eamonn Murphy occhi001 Waver of the Image by Joseph Occhipinto occhi002 Adventures of Doria Quinn by Joseph Occhipinto ogurek01 Build Blast by Douglas J. Ogurek pebler001 Text to #BigOneLA by Luke Pebler riser001 An Island in Your Arms by James Patrick Riser russell001 Water Finds Its Path by Robert Lowell Russell samson001 Who by Fire by Jeff Samson samson002 Subliminal 116 by Jeff Samson samson003 Two in the Hand by Jeff Samson septibot Septibot by Casey Brillon sims001 Enemy From Nowhere by Jeffrey Scott Sims sisson001 It's, Like, So Boring at the End of the World by Amy Sisson smith001 Rules Concerning Earthlight by Dale Ivan Smith and K.C. Ball sojka001 Shit Eatin' Dog by Bob Sojka sojka002 Coming of AGE by Bob Sojka sojka003 It's the Martian Way by Bob Sojka steffen001 Could They But Speak by David Steffen steffen002 Catastrophic Failure by David Steffen steffen003 A Switch in Time by David Steffen streeter001 Joshua Who Could See by Elizabeth Streeter szal001 Skingame by Jeremy Szal trenholm001 Who Benefits From War? by Hayden Trenholm waldman001 Sound of Chartreuse by Nancy S.M. Waldman walker001 Becoming Einstein by George S. Walker walker002 Princess Zenia by George S. Walker warfield001 Return of the Mayflower by Gerald Warfield warfield002 Musicians End the World by Gerald warfield williams001 Good Behavior by Genevieve Williams wood001 On the Day the Alien Came to Church by Peter Wood wood002 Cheap by Peter Wood wood003 How the World Was Saved by Peter Wood wood004 Foggy Planet Breakdown by Peter Wood wood005 Taking Flight by Peter Wood wood006 Not Her Kind by Peter Wood wood007 Clothes Make the Man by Peter Wood wood008 Fried Chicken You Can't Refuse by Peter Wood wren001 Memory Farm by Richard Wren wren002 Arena by Richard Wren wren003 Clear Drop by Richard Wren wren004 Tour De Force by Richard Wren wren005 Peekaboo by Richard Wren zeros11 Zeros ... All Those Zeros! by Eric M. Jones zwicker001 Twice Upon a Midnight Dreary by Richard Zwicker